Electro Motors specializes in motor rewinds and repairs.

At Electro Motors, we use the latest equipment which allow us to rewind and repair all types of motors such as AC & DC motors, generators, pumps, transformers and coils.

Electric Motor Rewinds and Repairs

Electro Motors specializes in motor rewinds and repairs. We use the industries’ latest equipment which allow us to repair many types of products by changing motor voltages, speeds and frequencies.

Electro Motors specializes in both medium and low voltage electric motor repair. Additionally, we service pumps, generators and redesign motors.

  • AC Induction Motors
  • DC Motors & Traction Motors
  • Shaft Replacement
  • Overhauling Repairs
  • 3 Phase AC Motors
  • Motor Redesign
  • Rewind to suit voltage changes
  • Speed change
  • Frequency change

Other Rewinds and Repairs

We also rewind, service and repair other products such as generators, pumps, transformers and other electrical devices.

  • Electro Mechanical Brakes
  • Coils
  • Magnets

Transformer Rewinds

  • Auto Transformers
  • Step Down Transformers

Generator Rewinds and Repairs

  • Generators
  • Tachometer Generators
  • Welder Generators

Mechanical Repairs

Our expert technicians can provide the following services:

  • Rebuild of worn motor shafts
  • Complete overhaul and rebuild of all types of pumps
  • Cooling fan repairs
  • Bearing and bush replacement