Electro Motors, KATO authorized repair and parts dealer, specializes in rewinding, maintenance, repairs and service electric AC Motors in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our Machine Shop also offers custom repairs, including machining, milling and welding.

We can repair, rewind and redesign any type of AC motor.

  • Motors are dismantled, steam cleaned and sand blasted
  • Each component is tested. We are then able to determine needed repairs and quote firm prices
  • Dip and bake using class H varnish
  • Armatures are dynamically balanced and commutators are machined and undercut to the proper depth to extend the operational life of the motor to prevent premature shorts and increase brush life.
  • Replacement armature coils are insulated with Nomex to meet or exceed factory specifications
  • Armatures are tension banded with class H bending tape to hold coils in place
  • Motors are assembled using new hardware including terminals, insulation, brushes, springs and the highest quality bearings
  • Motors are performance tested to assure quality prior to shipment